Why Register?

Your convention registration is used to pay for the hotel and convention facilities, associated services for equipment, maintenance, printing of your registration packets, entertainment and administrative expenses. 

We believe once you understand it is the fee from your registration that makes this event possible, and the registration funds collected are used for the planning and implementation of present and future TAC Conventions, the reasons for pre-registering become clear....and you save money!

It is the support of each member’s registration or donation that helps make our convention a success. 

  • Registration Chair- Shane C. 530-360-2168

  • Registration Vice Chair - Amber D. 530-953-8280


  • Program Chair - Mark C. 530-648-4182

  • Program Vice Chair - Dave W. 530-852-2054


Hospitality is a crucial part of the TAC Convention. 

The Hospitality Room will be open 24 hours a day for coffee, relaxation, games and good conversation. 

Hospitality is also responsible for meeting greeters and other volunteers. 

Be a "part-of" and sign-up to volunteer.

  • Hospitality Chair - Garret 707-832-8798

  • Hospitality Vice Chair - Angalina P. 707-470-6815

  • Merchandise Chair - Heath M. 530-737-7769

  • Merchandise Vice Chair - Sara M. 530-737-7773


If you or your business is interested in providing entertainment related to the TAC 18 Convention in Redding, CA. please contact the Entertainment Chairperson.

  • Entertainment Chair - Mikey H. 530-826-6640

  • Entertainment Vice Chair -


  • Arts/Graphics Chair- Robert P. 530-521-1796

  • Arts/Graphics Vice Chair- Greg R. 530-813-5745

arts and graphics

  • Venue Relations Chair - Donald H. 530-906-4905

  • Venue Relations Vice Chair

venue relations